Fashion Market Optimizer's intuitive system allows for a better experience for both the merchant and the buyer.

FMO's digital catalog with its ordering and invoicing platform expedites the sales process. After the buyer has placed the order and the payment is confirmed, a receipt is emailed to the buyer, fulfillment department, and any other specified email address.

Take Customers, Employees and Buyer Management to a New Level

Customer Management has been a chore in the past. Our system maintains your buyer's information including their addresses, email and order history. Invoicing and payment processing are done for you within the FMO system. Fashion Market Optimizer securely stores the information about your customers. You can track their buying trends, add them to your mailing lists and see all pending orders. This information helps you reach your sales goals and improves your marketing strategy.

Customize Colors and Sizes With The Unique Attribute Builder

Every line of clothing is different and has different options. Fashion Market Optimizer's attribute builder allows you to define the differences between your lines, season, styles, sizes or any other defining element of the product. The expanded view of an item shows the buyer all the detailed information and displays it in an intuitive manner.

Build and Edit Clothing Categories For All Your Clients Quickly and Easily

The Fashion Market Optimizer system allows you to create unique categories and add items to them. If you want to define your categories by fabric type, color, size, sex or any other defining factor, FMO makes all changes effortless. With the ability to create and customize categories on the fly, you are never left shoehorning a product into an area where it doesn't fit.